Business Health – still getting it sorted! Pt 2


The 4 D’s is an email management system. For each email arriving in your inbox, you have 4 choices. 

  • Delete it
  • Delegate it
  • Date it
  • Do it

By focusing on the four D’s, you will 100% free up time.

The achiever matrix basically comes from Stephen Covey’s Book, The Seven Habits of Highly effective people, where he gets people to focus their habits on quadrants. The matrix is generally based on quadrants and the quadrants going to generate the greatest results.

  • The first Quadrant is basically those things that are urgent and important, these things need to take place straight away and if we don’t do those something bad may happen.
  • The second Quadrant is those things that are important but they’re not urgent, obviously they take place after the first Quadrant
  • The third Quadrant -these are things that are urgent but not very important
  • The fourth quadrant is not important and not urgent, guess what? This comes last.


The Ten Hats comes from a great management book called the Erba and there is a section in that book where the two brothers set up a business. It’s an American book and it’s an American business and long story short they think of the different organisational departments as hats and ultimately it is about taking those hats and delegating that role to someone else – crucial to business. You cannot wear all of the hats in a business everyday. 

The ten hats are:

  • Shareholder – finances the business
  • Director – maximises shareholder value
  • Leadership – implements the plan effectively
  • Product / Service Development – develops the products or services for sale
  • Operations – generates revenue
  • Marketing – generates leads
  • Sales – converts prospects into customers
  • Finance – manages the money
  • HR – enrols and engages the team
  • Admin / IT – maximises efficiency

The roles and functions within those need to be clearly defined throughout the business for success. It’s important to get our structure and our strategy in the right order and unless it follows our strategy, it’s going to be inefficient.

As with everything there are plenty of ways to split the pie. Start with taking responsibility, use the tools, and keep that mindset healthy.


So, let’s get your business health sorted!

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